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  The Open·Dojô EcoPrototypes are the concrete expression of some of the creative inspirations generated during the programme. They are proposals, ideas or new technologies for processes, products or services, which can optimize human activity within organizations. The goal is that these EcoPrototypes can serve as a stimulus for promoting sustainable development and/or fostering the emergence of eco ventures.  
  The Open·Dojô stimulates conversation and the creation of networks among participants with the objective of enriching the creative process that leads to the EcoPrototypes. Networking will promote sharing of ideas and experiences, enhancing innovation capacity and generating new opportunities for joint endeavors. It will also favor synergies among various Eco TALENTS in different fields of expertise, providing greater opportunities to transform an EcoPrototype into a realistic and concrete action.  
  The Open·Dojô Programme encourages integration between economic, social and environmental dimensions. Creativity naturally emerges and leads to innovation, which materializes through the EcoPrototypes. All the EcoPrototypes developed during the programme will compose an online repository available through the OpenLab’s website for easy access to partner institutions.  
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