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  The Open·Dojô develops nine competences that can be grouped into two different levels. According to the dynamics of each group of competences, participants are associated with a “development belt”- Orange or Black.  
  It enables the development of six human entrepreneurial competences. It is suitable for participants seeking to expand their knowledge and broaden their academic education in a short time.  
  It enables the full development of the complete range of Open Dojô competences. To achieve the “Black Belt” participants need to attend two intensive sessions, each of six full days. The first session occurs in February, the second in July.  
  Practicing Interval  
  There is a four-month interval between the two sessions. In this period, participants will practically apply the knowledge acquired, transforming it into know-how through a mix of experiences. These experiences are designed and structured by the OpenLab, following an agenda discussed and agreed with the participants.  
  To assist the experiential practice, participants have the support of the Open Dojô Toolbox – an exclusive virtual tool where tasks and challenges are regularly posted.  
  Rhythm, spontaneous discipline and strong commitment make the Practicing Interval an enriching and meaningful experience.  
  The Practicing Interval, including the completion of the activities required in the period, is mandatory to all participants who want to obtain the Open·Dojô Black Belt and the EcoTalent Certificate.  
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